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WD photo 2013Radiant Women Natural Health

 Consulting at:  Moruya Chiro & Wellness,

24 Ford St, Moruya, NSW South Coast  Ph: 4474 0799

Contact Wendy : 0408 517 796  Email Wendy 

Do you wish to THRIVE, not just survive?

“…. I felt very comfortable and at ease, … connected to (wendy’s) vibrant energy, trusting in her ability and integrity. Her profound knowledge and deep caring supported me as I made positive changes to support my physical Health and emotional well being. …I would recommend Wendy to anyone wishing to accelerate their journey to well-being and happiness!” Judy. NSW. 2016

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Common reasons women consult with Wendy are to help  achieve:

  • abundant energy
  • renewed vitality
  • stronger bones at any age and stage
  • greater resilience by building stronger immune system 
  • learning how to tap into your Wise Woman Healer, your higher ‘self’ for guidance.
  • knowledge and skills to better cope with menstruation concerns, natural fertility/conception issues, pregnancy resilience and post-natal recovery. menopause and beyond concerns. 

Photo healing self & othersWatch this 20 minute  Facebook live webinar, one of many which Wendy has been interviewed in for women’s health: 

Wendy offers:

  • Herbal & Natural Health Consultations – women’s health.
  • Bowen Treatment
  • Ayurveda Therapeutic Herbal oil massage – (see more information on Ayurveda massage

Read more about Wendy’s background and experience

So many women suffer from confusion and overwhelm when there is a health challenge or even just to find out more about natural solutions.  Some common things women ask are  –

  • ‘what do I do now’,  
  • ‘what works, what doesn’t’ ,
  • ‘Who has the experience and qualifications to ask’? “…I have the greatest respect for her (Wendy’s) knowledge, wisdom, integrity, intuition and energy. Through Wendy’s help I have regained faith in my body, in my body’s ability to heal and restore and I have learned to trust my own intuition.” (Fran, Victoria, Australia, 2011)

Longer term health improvement can be achieved with greater ease and grace with a ‘team’ approach in our health and life and the understanding that by taking 100% responsibility for our health, well-being and personal future we can be more empowered and at peace in our lives.

Body work such as Bowen treatment and Ayurvedic therapeautic massage are ideal for releasing tension in the body and assisting with bringing the energy into balance as well as being corrective for various body conditions. The dual effects of relaxation and release of the physical can greatly assist in many health and well-being concerns.

 Email Wendy for enquiries and appointments 

Or call 0408 517796. (+614 08 517796)

NOTE: Only herbal medicines and other natural therapies are utilized for individual treatments –  this is not a conventional medical practice.

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