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An 8 week introductory program of professionally supervised Natural, safe and enjoyable detox and rejuvenation of your body, mind, spirit. 

Spring into Vitality is a practitioner supervised  program for women of all ages and stages.

Wendy has done a brilliant job combining theory with the practical for women’s health…Not only does Wendy provide a beautiful embrace of the feminine she will also give you back a strong sense of empowerment that is every woman’s birthright….” Katherine Beaumont, N.D.

You CAN live in a state of

Abundant Energy 

Radiant health & wellness.

WHO IS SPRING TO VITALITY PROGRAM FOR?  This program is for you whether you are local and can visit my wellness centre (south east NSW), live anywhere in Australia or internationally.  Technology has made it possible, effective and fun to assist women all over Australia and internationally with empowering, inspiring and achievable health enhancing professionally supervised programs and strategy sessions.  

I’m ready to roll, where do I sign up – Spring into Vitality page

WHY WOULD YOU LOVE THIS PROGRAM?  It’s an information mine field out there in ‘health land’.  Take one wrong move and K-BOOM!.  Time wasted, money wasted.  How do you know you are doing the right and safe thing for yourself and not making things worse? 

Experiencing your best health is NOT as simple just some dietary changes – and I bet you have wasted $$ and time doing just that in the past like the rest of us before we found more effective ways!  You can benefit hugely from assistance in developing long term strategies which consider the physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual health aspects. 

This is exactly what this Spring into Vitality program is designed to do. It’s a WHOLE PERSON job to achieve our health and well-being goals.

Photo overcomingDo you find yourself starting wellness programs and then ending up not succeeding with your goals because you feel

  • confused 
  • overwhelme
  • unsupported.

Added to that you feel that it has been a great waste of money and time.  You feel more deflated and less motivated to undertake long term health improvement when it seems so hard to keep going. 

HOW DO I KNOW SPRING TO VITALITY IS FOR ME? If this has been your experience, you are not alone – and there is a BETTER WAY!  And….if this is how you feel,  please be aware it’s not your fault. I find it very common that women have been led up the garden path with their health journey and have not reached the satisfactory conclusion they desire.  

Or maybe in the past you were not quite ready to commit to a higher level of health.  That was certainly my story many years ago. It took a near death experience for me to realise I needed to commit myself to a longer term proactive program.  I hope that is not your experience. 

This program is for you if you are wanting to achieve results in the first 8 weeks and way beyond that time.   If you are ready to take your health and well-being to the next level and keep it there – apart from the occasional ‘health interuptus’ times – what I call ‘make plans and hear Spirit laugh’ times.  We all get these but overall, if you are ready to experience a greater level of energy, vitality, health and well-being, I’m with you all the way.  

And so is my Feline Assistant, Fizzy Cat.  He is SO cute.Photo fizzy 3

OMG – I’M IN !!!  How do I start?    See my Secure sign up page.    

My observations over 25 years of study and clinical practice have been that these are common and compelling reasons why women seek my assistance to start and continue a professionally supervised program.  

Women I have been assisting with their health journey are FED UP with the time and money wasting ad hoc approach to health which they have experienced in the past.  Women WANT to commit to an effective, economical and success oriented professionally designed program. 

Sure, there are times when one off consultations are all that are needed.  

NOT SURE YET? JUST ASK ME – If you are not sure what’s best for you, please give me a no obligation call (Ph: 0408 517796) or email (below) and in just a few minutes discussion I can let you know if this program suits you or not.  After all not only do I want to see you get your best results, I also prefer to achieve MY best results with you and your health journey.  

By far the greatest success that women have with their health future in my experience can result from specifically tailored programs to meet the needs of your own unique health journey.  

RW book revised cover low resWHAT DOES THE PROGRAM CONSIST OF?  Please email me and I will send your details of the program inclusions.  Basically it includes several consultations of different types including bodywork (on-line participants will have a different bonus session which is deeply healing at an emotional and spiritual level) which assists the detoxification and rejuvenation process, a signed copy of the Radiant Women book which is the workbook for the program, lots of free and useful bizzo as well. 

So many women have come to me, sometimes in tears of frustration because they have been wasting their time and $$ on short lived programs which are not professionally supervised.  This is such a shame as it can often put you off your health and wellness programs altogether. 

If you are thinking I’M EXCITED ABOUT THIS and HOW DO I START RIGHT AWAY? you can either go directly to the Spring into Vitality page and sign up  OR you can contact me directly at 0408 517796, E: info@radiant-women.com .   I can certainly let you know some more details of the program if you wish. 

WHERE? If you are local in the south coast NSW you can visit the clinic for your program. If you are further away we do the Strategy Sessions on-line utilising fantastic interactive technology.  

Either way, when you are ready to roll, we will set up your first consultation and send you the Radiant Women workbook and other information and gifts.   

Just email me and I can send you the program details.  

WHAT’S THE RADIANT WOMEN BOOK?  See details here . 

YEP, BUT IS IT AN ECONOMICAL PROGRAM? The investment price for both local and on-line programs are the same which means that my usual consultation rates are discounted for this program.   

Discounted up front payment price is only $380 – a great deal for 8 weeks of inspiration and professional support  This represents a saving of  $40 if paid before program commencement.   If you are attending for individudal consultations the price for consultations is alot more.     You can pay this on my secure payment web page at:  Spring to Vitality Program

OR your can make 3 x $140 payments.  Please email me if this is your preference and we will organise a payment schedule. Email me: info@radiant-women.com   

WD photo 2013Yours in health and wellness, Wendy Dumaresq.  Herbalist, Natural Women’s Health, Author, Retreat program director.  

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