Are Natural Therapies Safe AND effective?

April 18th, 2016

RW book revised cover low resBOOK LAUNCH: please see below.

500,000 Australian women use alternative menopause therapy – study (The Guardian, August 2015)

why did this study report that natural therapies were not effective?

The information provided in this article in ‘The Guardian’ and the study referred to about menopausal women is revealing for many reasons, some of these being:

– Yes, it seems many women are seeking natural and alternative solutions to their health concerns, in this case with menopause.  Indeed numbers of individuals using alternative therapies is increasing(, and

– Yes, these therapies are often NOT prescribed by a qualified therapist, so

– No, they may not be effective for many women as non prescribed natural therapies do not take into account each individuals health profile, quality of the retail products can vary, compliance is unclear and effective dosage for each person can be quite different.

The Victorian Government BetterHealth website advises: There is a lot of information available about complementary or alternative menopause treatments. Some of this information comes from unreliable sources … The best way to use herbal medicines is for them to be prescribed by a trained natural therapist ” (

Author of Radiant Women Book (see, Wendy Dumaresq understands that timely and effective information is crucial for our safe and effective healing journeys.

Dumaresq is a qualified and experienced Western Herbal Medicine and Natural Fertility Management Counsellor with many years experience.

“My aim with is to provide safe and effective strategies and information to assist women to live with optimum well-being. We are so fortunate in Australia to have excellent medical services AND qualified and recognised natural therapy practitioners. Let’s make the most of both”

BOOK LAUNCH: Radiant Women – Natural Healing for the Three Stages of Woman.  April 27, 2016, 2-3 pm. Narooma Library.  Library phone number: 4476 1164.

Contact: Wendy Dumaresq  W:

Phn: 0408 517796.  E:


Wisdom Keepers Retreat

February 8th, 2016

Women Wisdom Keepers Retreat  

Self Healing strategies for FEELING FANTASTIC Mid Life and Beyond

MP book book cover green


WHEN:  2pm Friday 22nd April, 2016   –  2 pm Sunday 24th April, 2016  


WHERE: Kamalashla Tiebetan Buddhist Centre near TIlba Tilba, Far South Coast, NSW. 




ArtWork:  Thank you Vikki Nash, for the beautiful artwork which reflects Women’s growth through the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. 

WHAT: Women mid-life and beyond are invited to be part of this event, held in a beautiful natural setting in which nestles the Kamalashla Tiebetan Buddhist Centre.

The focus of this special Retreat weekend is to share with you some very important tools for optimal living which can:

 boost your well-being, vitality, confidence and resilience. Photo healing self & others


These two days of learning and co-creation, sharing and reflection involve strategies which cover topics as diverse as:

  • Your physical health – the foundation of your resilient state (dietary, lifestyle and simple natural remedies),
  • Introduction to meditation, mindfulness and reflective processes,
  • Introduction to witnessing more with deep listening and utilizing all your senses which helps build confidence and awareness,
  • The value and experience of silence and ‘non-doing’
  • Simple physical body strengthening and grounding practices
  • Introduction to learning to use ‘Body as Barometer ’ (TM)
  • An important and life changing closing ceremony.

WHY: The Third Stage of Woman, the ‘Matriach’ Stage is such an important time in a woman’s life journey.  As a  woman in the Third Stage of your journey you are fertile  with wisdom and opportunity born of many years experiencing ‘many challenges, many gifts’.   When you know how to maintain your vitality, well-being and stand strong in your space of personal integrity, you can more than survive,  you can THRIVE. 

WHO: Your Retreat facilitators & Teacher/Healers are:

WD photo 2013Wendy Dumaresq,  more about Wendy’s work here

Teacher/Healer, Herbalist and other healing modalities focusing on women’s health, Author, Coach, Shamanic & Nature Healer Practitioner – bringing decades of experience in clinical practice and her own strategies of Deep Personal Ecology(TM)                               


JoaniJoani Reid 

A Wisdom Keeper with a valuable background in Psychology (Hon) , Martial Arts, Teacher/Trainer, Nature Immersion Facilitator.

On SITE ACCOMMODATION: The Venue has shared budget accommodation on site in small (6-7 beds) dorms and some shared small caravans.  Basic level toilets and showers are a short stroll in a the bush setting.  There is a new commercial kitchen with plenty of refrigeration, attached to a living and dining space, the meditation hall, library. 

Fee for on site Accommodation: is separate to that of the Retreat price.  $25/person per night ($50 for the weekend).  We will contact you after you have booked and paid  your Retreat investment to arrange a separate payment for the accommodation. 

Accommodation external to the venue is available in the area if you wish to have something more upmarket or some bush camping, for example Narooma, Tilba Tilba and a lovely bush camping area at Mystery Bay (no facilities apart from long drop dunny).  So please phone the visitor information centre in the area at:

1800 240 003 (between 9 -5) .  Lots of info on the web at: 

RETREAT INVESTMENT: $290 for the weekend. 

Early Bird price – pay by Monday 3rd April, 2016.  – $265 **  .   The payment gateway will have $265 until the 3rd April, 2016,  after which it will go to the full price.  If you wish to you can pay directly by eftpos, phone Wendy 0408 517796. 

**An on-line payment gateway is in the process of being set up which will be payment through Paypal.  The link will be posted here soon.   If you wish to you can call us to pay direct via eftpos, cash or bank deposit.  

PRICES include:

  • Retreat program activities.
  • Optional extra early morning meditation.
  • Amenities to include your sleeping accommodation (f you are sleeping on site), kitchen and dining/living area, meditation hall when appropriate, Centre library for browsing (no borrowing unless arranged with Centre management), toilets, showers.  
  • A cuppa and some light refreshment on arrival at 2 pm Friday 22nd, morning and afternoon tea with light and healthy refreshments on Saturday, morning tea with light refreshments on Sunday.   Black tea, some  herbal teas, coffee, cows milk and soy milk, sugar will be provided by us.  

Centre management request that foods consumed be vegetarian to respect the ‘no meat’ policy of the Centre.

No alcohol or drugs to be brought or consumed on the property. 

You will receive emails from us about the event as time goes on, including what we recommend you bring to the event regarding clothing and comfort items. 

CONTACT US:  for more information – 

 Wendy   Phn: 0408 517796   OR  Joanie   E:   Phn: 0408 696 945






Are you ‘Boss of Self’?

December 10th, 2015

MP book book cover green

Thank you Vikki Nash, for this beautiful artwork.

Here is an excerpt from my new gift mini e-book.  The revised and expanded edition of ‘Radiant Women – Natural Healing for the Three Stages of Woman’ will be hot off the press in the next few weeks.  Please contact me to reserve your signed copy which you will receive well before it goes into bookshops. (contact details at end of this post).

“… You CAN choose to be  ‘Boss of Self’.  

WHY is being ‘Boss of Self’ so important to your life and health journey?

By choosing to be ‘Boss of Self’ you are also choosing to take 100% responsibility for your life journey.

Yes, I know that seems SO simple doesn’t it?… and ‘simple’ can be incredibly powerful.

Being ‘Boss of Self’ it is a choice, a habit which can be developed.   It is not necessarily going to happen overnight, as it involves living in awareness of yourselve in a way which you may not have been experiencing previously.

This is one of the strategies I teach as your ‘Well Woman Guide‘  in private consultations, workshops, with the Self-Healing events and with writing.   

There are many strategies ranging from those for our physical and emotional health to self-healing at a deeper level – at the level of the Terrain of the Soul.

It is so important this ‘Boss of Self’ bizzo that perhaps it is ALL I should focus on. It can take many exposures to this philosophy to fully understand how important this is and to implement it. 

Believe me, I have been exposed to this teaching in many different forms my entire life and like many you I have at times failed to take notice of my inner most guidance.  Fortunately I have taken notice of it more often than not otherwise I would probably not be here on this big green planet.

Starting with my mother and maternal grandmother who were pretty big on us all listening not only to wise elders where appropriate but to our own ‘what’s right for me’ feeling the lessons in being ‘boss of self’ have come at times fast and furious.

Except back then, in the ‘olden days’ I didn’t realise what these wise people were doing. I thought it was just part of ‘growing up’ to learn to be careful with our bodies, to be careful with our Spirit.  To notice if something did not ‘feel right’ and listen to it….

If you would like to receive a gift mini e-book with the rest of this chapter in it, plus the introductory chapter of the revised and expanded edition of my first book ‘Radiant Women – Natural Healing for the Three Stages of Woman’ (first edition subtitled ‘Simple steps for better menstruation and menopause’) … please email me at . 

WD photo 2013Happy reading.  Wendy Dumaresq.  Ph: 0408 517796. 


Women’s Health – You don’t have to put up with feeling like that!

October 9th, 2015

Photo healing self & othersWomen of all ages and stages, here are two important questions for you to consider: 

  1. Are you fed up with not getting answers and relief with  your women’s health problems?
  2. Are you totally OVER living with the discomfort or pain and humiliation of poorly or non treated women’s health conditions such as menstrual problems, menopausal signs and symptoms, fertility challenges, poor energy, mood swings, many other women’s health issues?

If so, please know that you can do a great deal to assist yourself with most women’s health challenges utilizing safe and effective, natural, simple and strategic interventions.

See the short explanatory video :

Many of these can be learned and implemented from the COMFORT of your own home or in an empowering and joy-filled group environment.

Over many years of clinical practice, there has been something that I found equal parts frustrating and challenging……..that is the fact that you may have been suffering from women’s health conditions unnecessarily.


Yes, that’s right, so many of you have experienced problems with your health and well-being for years which could have been quite easily resolved or at least better managed and relieved with some simple and effective natural and complementary health strategies – if only you knew how.

It is NOT because you lack the necessary brain power to figure it out, it is because it is hard to access information on strategies which actually WORK for most women, most of the time.

I remember 26 years ago when I started studying natural medicine (because I felt sooooo ill and as a last resort decided I should try and help myself) being AMAZED that what I was experiencing was not necessarily what I had to put up with. I felt so terrible most days and I felt that the toxic fumes I was encountering in inner city living were contributing somehow but couldn’t quite figure it out.  Not because I am a DUMMY but because I just did not know YET what to do, just like you. Photo tired womanThe only reason I did not take action before that with some pretty severe menstrual issues and general health issues was because:

A) I did not know  not only was it not ‘normal’ to experience this but that it was totally unecessary and unacceptable most of the time to suffer like this, and

B) I did not even know what a Herbalist or a Naturopath was so of course I did not know I could get help for my women’s health problems. I was told that I should just try some different pharmaceutical medication, which made me even worse.  Sometimes I was even told that it was ‘all in my head’ – sigh!  Have you heard that one before?

In short, I felt that my life was extending before me with each month having at least 10 days of feeling really terrible and it was excruciatingly affecting my whole life.

For ages NOT ONE medical practitioner mentioned that I might find a herbalist or naturopath helpful until one day luckily for me a wonderful GP recommended a local herbalist to me.  I have not looked back since and I have been so grateful to him over the years for being courageous and generous enough to say he did not know what to do about it and to ‘try a Herbalist’.  What a guy!

You see how it is?  Untold suffering experienced by so many women…. WHY?

  • You may not have had access to an experienced and effective practitioner who focusses on natural women’s health.
  • You may not have had the finances to experience the benefits of individual natural health consultations.
  • You may not have had the confidence to undertake a comprehensive wellness program.
  • You may not have known that your health challenges were not desirable:  they may be so ‘normal’ to you that you felt it was just what you had to put up with.
  • You may have tried to adopt some healing modalities and remedies but were just not ready YET to see it through to a constructive conclusion.
  • You may have been told that there is not an effective treatment for your condition.

…..and many other reasons why you may have lived with your unanswered questions and women’s health discomforts.

This dilemma is what has led to all the writing I have done over the years for magazines, journals, blog sites, my books and also the speaking at events, workshops and other events based around natural women’s health.

For me it’s all about EXPLODING the MYTHS and for you it’s about being open and ready to take charge of your health and well-being journey and take on board some of these simple and effective strategies.

Now it is time for YOU to have YOUR SAY.   I would like to hear from you by phone or email about some important questions which can then lead to some answers for you and your friends.   No question is ‘too simple’, too small or too complicated.

  • What is it that you would like to ask and have either never received a satisfactory answer or not had the opportunity to present the question to someone?
  • What is it that bothers you about your women’s health?
  • What are you prepared to do about it?
  • Do you want to learn some strategies which accelerate your healing journey?

Please write to me at or phone 0408 517796 with your comments.

I am creating some great learning and sharing experiences in women’s health and want you to have access to these.  I tend to focus on WHAT WOMEN WANT to know rather than what I feel I should share, so GO ON, be in touch and send this link to your friends.  United we shall stand when it comes to our health and well-being.

It’s time ladies, time to take your power and your health future in your own hands and create your most Radiant and Vibrant selves.

WD photo 2013Can’t wait to hear from you,  All the best … Wendy Dumaresq.

Clinical practice details here :




Menopause – A ‘real’ woman’s story.

August 26th, 2015

Photo overcoming

**Please contact me to reserve your signed copy of the revised and expanded edition of the Radiant Women book, hot off the press before bookshop availability.

Wendy Dumaresq :  0408 517796.  E:  

I Would love to have your contribution about your peri-menopause to post- menopause experiences.  More on the Menopause Project on this page:


Letter to Wendy. 12.8.15 – ‘Maree Black’ shares with us an update on her Menopause Journey

Maree’ contributed her story about her experience of ‘hormonal and general health havoc’ and subsequent recovery in the first edition of the Radiant Women book.  So many readers commented on how they enjoyed her writing that I am pleased to present you the next instalment of Maree’s healing journey – all in her own words.  


“…Ssshh, don’t tell Wendy……but I need help! She must be so tired of dealing with ‘moaning Maree’!!..

Well how have you all been? It’s been a while since we last chatted, I have so missed you XXOO.

My journey recently took a slight elbow turn, heading slightly backwards, instead of straight and forward.

I guess for several months the decline has been evident. Not more menopause???? I resounded!  Not more meno expeditions down the bumpy track of gradients and pot holes. Or was this to be a voyage, undersea or inter space? Oh imagine the fun-if it were not my sanity I was searching for……At any other time, it could have been a fun trip……

Anyway, I felt as though I had been poisoned, which is not a new thing, but slightly annoying and old. My energy was about 3/10. Most of my days, embarrassingly, had been spent out to it on the couch. My family is self employed and without this flexibility, I would not have been able to rest as required. Dull persistent all day headache at the back of the head. And, yes the old dry story, consistent with menopausal oestrogen changes in delicate areas. Head?…no joy. I felt a high level of emotional pressure from physical and other symptoms moving in a fast circular motion.

Recent blood test revealed low iron, which was quickly remedied. Energy did pick up, temporarily. I had a headache and constipation reaction to tabs, so alternate with several brands of natural iron and bumped up psyllium, one of my best friends this decadeJ

What do I need???…some keys for fatigue fix, headache fix, libido fix, dry fix, sounds like a builders list!!! Oh, and some joy.

Well after much research, deliberation, and deduction, I carefully considered all my options. Actually I didn’t do any of that- I just went with the need to moan to someone so I phoned Wendy. My WiseWonderWomanWendy…WWWW…

Photo tired womanIt didn’t take Sherlock long to uncover the villains. Imbalance in gut bacteria, inadequate breakfast protein, hormone imbalances, and a probable reaction to caffeine in cacao that I was having with breakfast. You  see, I had this wonderful yummy breakfast recipe including almond meal, linseed meal, coconut oil, cacao etc that I thought everyone should be on, and told them so… until, the caffeine did its usual toxic trick on me, only I didn’t pick it up this time….cacao is ssooo good for you tho’….. Yes, you, probably not me.

(Author note: please contact me to learn which effective probiotics Maree uses). 

So Holmes got me onto probiotics, protein smoothies, vitamin B supplementation, herbs and a good dose of WWWW!

Dropping off the cacao caused quite a stir as I had no idea that the caffeine was so high in cacao.  My system took several days to balance out. I am quite sensitive to ‘normal’ doses of a number of foods and supplements, so small and consistent doses are best for me. Also, the sugars in fruit and the use of fruit in breakfast smoothies is something I do well in limiting, then my body loves me. Let’s face it, some days you ‘gotta’ go for whatever love is on offerJ

A month later, I feel the recovery gear has finally kicked in. It’s been a bit like the subtle gear shift in an automatic transmission. It has been a slower recovery this time, which I put down to a theory that corrections at a deep cellular level, won’t happen overnight when considering the time it took to veer into an imbalanced mode. Fatigue levels are still concerning. I am learning to discern where precious energy resources should be directed.  Just like a CEO really, when allocating the bottom line. I’m actually running a multifaceted entity, where the spreadsheet stops with me. Oh this is way too heavy…back to the space voyage for a bit…

Sisters, how are your meno journeys progressing?
I love to hear how someone else thinks they are losing their mind and then you get help and your mind comes back again! Just love it. My mind sometimes voyages around for days. Ever have the short term memory thing where you’re totally in control of a riveting conversation, when suddenly, you have no idea why you are elaborating so heavily on something you can’t even remember thinking about? Oh fun… just move on sister, that’s normal. Just keep believing and deep breathing and the world will one day thank us for our wisdom! I mean just look at us, we’ve born the whole next generation of the world! Wow, we are amazing women, young ladies, daughters, grandmothers, aunties and mothers.

My journey, which has its own mind by the way, has sent me on a learning quest which I know will be lifelong, for as long as I breathe, and then some. Whilst uncovering the splendour of life, breath, and existence, is exhilarating, morsels of the soul often surface in the face of trial and compass-less-ness. What is really important so often emerges from deep down in times of our most fragile contemplations. Strength from weakness, direction from disorientation….and you know, I think it all begins with fixing up the bowels really!!

I can just hear Wendy thinking…..told you so! – Which she never says, by the way!!!Photo release the old

Well, now that Sherlock has all things on the compass pointing in the right direction, “Here’s to Life, and Life abundantly!”

Now remember sisters, don’t tell Wendy I’ve been talking about her behind her back again! As you can probably guess, I have a little confession, I did have a bit of a moan to her, and she did remember ‘moaning Maree’… and being the total professional she is, she just got on with the job perfectly. However, I did get this funny déjà vu vibe tho, I wouldn’t mind betting she has come across this sort of thing before, but, I’m not a betting type person, so we’ll leave it at that….

Breathe on meno Sisters, keep working on those orbits and deep and meaningful conversations…the pieces will eventually come back together…we’re getting closer every day to reinventing our courage and jumping and soaring again… just remember-get those probiotics sorted out first…and remember to breathe… XXX

Much Love and joy to you- ‘Soul Sisters”, Maree Black. (moaning Maree) XOXO –

AND – did I already say? I would love to hear from you…. you can contact me (Maree) through Wendy at (info(at) .

… and that’s all from ‘Maree’ today.  I hope you enjoyed her story.  I would love to know yours so please be in touch contact details as at the top of this article. 

WENDY DUMARESQ.  Dip Med Herb, Herbalist, Women’s Health Practitioner, Author, Speaker, Teacher-Healer.