Inspired Self Healing

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Well@Work Program


The philosophy of ‘Inspired Self-Healing’ program facilitator Wendy Dumaresq is:

“We are not broken,

We do not need to be ‘fixed’.

Healing can occur as a coming home to ‘self’

at a deep and abiding level. “ 

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WHAT:   Inspired Self Healing – for Women program and events are designed around the wants and needs of individuals and groups in the community and focuses on the personal journey of participants.

I have the greatest respect for her (Wendy’s) knowledge, wisdom, integrity, intuition and energy.  Through Wendy’s help I have regained faith in my body, in my body’s ability to heal and restore and I have learned to trust my own intuition. “  (Fran, Geelong. 2011)


“….During the sessions with Wendy, we are looking deeply into my inner feelings to find and resolve inner blockages. Doing so she assists me in growing in my personal life and within my career. All the sessions with Wendy have been very beneficial and I am very grateful to her for this process. I am looking forward to encounter more inner challenges with Wendy and would recommend her even to my closest relatives…..”   (Timo, Project Manager/Scientist, Germany, 2015)

 Please contact Wendy  for information about INSPIRED SELF-HEALING programs. Ph: 0408 517796.  E:

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