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Self Healing Strategies for FEELING FANTASTIC Mid Life and Beyond. 

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Thank you and welcome to those of you who have already registered.  

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Those of you still pondering – please don’t leave it too long, we have number restrictions. Rowena and I prefer to co-create with smaller groups. 

This Retreat event is about BEGINNINGS, fresh ideas and practices, celebration of your journey in your most important stage of life, strategies, empowered living, acknowledging your Third Stage of Woman.

 We wish to co-create a Retreat with you in which you feel your strength at all levels of your being, to:

  • be resilient in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being,
  • have more energy and vitality to live your best years yet,
  • inhabit the important role of the Third Stage of Woman,
  • hold the space for younger earth custodians,
  • compassionately and strongly share your wisdom and
  • Photo release the oldfearlessly (well, at least some of the time) standing in your space of personal integrity and authenticity, speaking up and acting on what is most important to you. 

Apart from what we have listed on the ‘Events’ page of  as event particulars, here is a sneak peek at some of the topics we will be addressing:

  • What do the medical findings of Leonardo Da Vinci about the brain around 500 hundred years ago, the findings of Rudolph Steiner in the 1920’s about blood circulation and more modern day science from 1990’s regarding ‘heart intelligence’ have in common and why is this important for us?
  • What are some of the most important factors which can greatly help or greatly harm your health, energy and well-being and what to do about this?RW radiant rita
  • What are some of the common factors in early ageing – it’s not just about how you look on the outside, and yes I know we are already Gorgeous Goddesses, it’s about what’s happening on the inside. 
  • What’s movement got to do with it?
  • What’s stress got to do with it?
  • What have toxins got to do with it and how to start to protect yourself, your brain, skin, body,
  • What’s your food intake, the when, how and why of it got to do with it?
  • How to start to identify how your body can tell you what is going on at all levels and what to do about  it.

You will also be:

  • Listening, witnessing, absorbing – why is this so important for our well-being.
  • Considering the archetypal Three Stages of Woman  ( more about that in Wendy’s book  )
  • Experiencing why silence is a gem – especially for we chatterbox women. 
  • Setting up your Sacred Sit Space and having a glimmer of why is this so important.
  • Gaining and understanding of  Women’s Ceremony – an important and empowering concept and practice to adopt in contemporary western cultures which are primarily consisting of displaced persons. This can mean many of us who are  not First Nation Australians and have come here from somewhere other than Australia over the last 250 years and are divorced from their ancestral traditions and learning.

….. and there’s more, steak knives may even be thrown in, but can’t promise that, we are ‘peace-keepers’.

Looking forward to meeting you in Retreat, 

WD photo 2013Wendy Dumaresq and Rowena Witham.





See listings below for our Rad-Pads and other expo/event attendance.

Please contact us if you have an event you would like us to attend with Rad-pads or for Wendy to speak on natural women’s health options

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BRISBANE 10th April 2010 – Rad-Pads will be at the Green Day Out expo.  Details will be posted shortly. 

SYDNEY – September 12th, 2015.

Wendy is speaking on the Main Stage with other selected authors on Saturday 12th September, 2015, 11.30 am. Festival of Dreams, Sydney.   Thanks go to event hosts and Animal Dreaming Publishing.  It would be great to meet you at this event so please come and have a chat at the Animal Dreaming exhibit and also at the Author Panel on the day. .

RP photo tif fileinsert  BEGA- Weekend of September 12th – Rad-Pads (  will be exhibited and products available at this lovely regional sustainability event.  Sarah Westerway will be the gal in charge at this event so feel free to have a chat with her about Rad-Pads and women’s bizzo.  See event details at :

Contact : Team member Sarah Westerway, phn: 0428 300 528 .

RP photo tif file Hands on a globe CANBERRA –  Sunday October 4th – see Living  Green Festival details at    Rad-pads as well as some our favorite certified organic home and body care all aussie products will be available for you to view and choose.  Contact : Team member Sarah Westerway, phn: 0428 300 528 .

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