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Ayurveda is one of the oldest and most complete lifestyle and traditional medicine systems in the world.  Many of today’s traditional medicine modalities stem from Ayurveda, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

The main aims of Ayurveda, regardless if it is dietary, lifestyle, body work, meditation, yoga or all of these, is to:

Maintain the health of the individual

address any imbalance in the body which may be contributing to health concerns.

SCROLL down the page to learn more about the different types of Ayurveda massage on offer, specials and inclusions for women’s and men’s Ayuveda body work. 

For many years I have weaved Ayurveda principles and practices  into my consultations and treatments in ‘whole person’ healing, including herbal medicines, dietary and lifestyle considerations and much more. Incorporating the Ayurveda body work  gives me the added benefit of obtaining feedback from your body to assist with an overall health picture.  Being a herbalist and natural health practitioner for many years has enabled me to build up a variety of skills and practices which assists you to move more towards a ‘whole person’ healing rather than just treating symptoms.

“…Wendy’s study … on the external applications and therapies of Ayurvedic herbal oils complements the internal herbal medicine she has been using for many years.  She brings her a wealth of knowledge …..What a gifted yet grounded and centred healer ”  Corrine Brown, http://www.ihtaustralia.com/

I utilize the different types of therapeutic Ayurveda body work in two main ways:

1.   To perform as a stand alone treatment – a great pamper time for you as well as deeply regenerating, helping clear obstacles to healing.

2.  As part of an overall healing program for you which includes a set program for your Whole Health being considered – with a separate appointment time being made for addressing dietary, lifestyle, herbal and nutritional remedies and your individual indications including health conditions, medications, your wants and need.

What is really wonderful about Ayurveda is that not only are there dietary and lifestyle factors as well as herbal medicine traditions for internal medicine, there are also wonderful body work techniques which incorporate different types of massage,  energy point therapies (Marma Points) and even more importantly for me as a Herbalist, the application of Herbal therapies to the body as part of body work treatments.  This is very supportive for whole person healing as the internal medicine is supported by external applications.

Thank you for my wonderful session yesterday afternoon.  I had the best night’s sleep in months last night.  Got off to sleep very easily and slept through, just marvellous, thank you.  Feeling good today health-wise, skin feels beeeyoootiful…” (HL, Eurobodalla area. 2015)

If you have never experienced Ayurveda body work practices, you are in for a real treat.

Scroll down for details of the different types of body work and special packages which are being updated and added to regularly.

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Treatment time, generally around 75 minutes = Investment $95.

Traditionally Abhyanga massage is performed by women for women and by men for men and in India, the traditional home of Ayurveda  there are often two therapists performing the Abhyanga.

The main distinctions between Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage and many other types of body work and massage is the long, sweeping, rhythmical strokes combined with the application of warm herbalized oils to suit your individual indications.

In addition the strokes move over many of the 107 Marma Points (specific pressure points from which Acupunture treatments points originated) and specific Marma Points are stimulated where a need is indicated, especially on the head and face.

I had a very positive experience in receiving an Ayurveda massage from Wendy Dumaresq. The (herbalized) oils Wendy used and her massage strokes gave me a feeling of well-being and contentment, which I continued to experience in the days following my massage.  I highly recommend Wendy as an Ayurveda Massage practitioner and am certainly looking forward to doing this again.” Shirley Taylor, 2015

The pressure of the strokes can vary between light to moderate depending upon your individual indications.   It is not heavy pressure  or deep tissue massage and most likely quite different to what you have experienced previously. The very specific nature and rhythm of the sweeping strokes of the Abhyanga massage combined with the warmed herbalized oils have been demonstrated over thousands of years to:

– Relax the entire body and mind

– Initiate detoxification, as the herbalized oils enter the blood stream and do their job along with the sweeping nature of the strokes.

– utilize body treatments to transport herbal remedies into the blood stream for relaxation and corrective treatments.

The Abhyanga massage  is a full body wet (copious oils)  massage  in a warm and private room.

Being a qualified and experienced Herbalist I am able to make my own oils as well as access high quality practitioner remedies which are used as part of the Abhyanga and other Ayurveda treatments.

Shiro Abhyanga  For men and women.

Treatment time – generally around 60 minutes.  Investment = $85.   

This is a deeply relaxing massage with the focus on the head and neck and some attention to the upper torso and arms to complement the release of tension from head and neck.  This type of massage can help promote circulation to the head and neck including the face and ears where there are many Marma (pressure) points.  Moving over these pressure points can help stimulate activity of different parts of the body as the pressure pints run along ‘meridians’.  The knowledge of Meridians and acupuncture in Chinese Medicine comes directly from Ayurvedic medicne, as the 107 Marma Points on the body were instructive to the development of the acupuncture points. 

Warmed herbalised oils which suit the constitution and current condition of each person are applied to the scalp, neck and upper shoulders.  You will have a portion of your Shiro Abhyanga lying prone (face down) as well as face up.   The first time I received this amazing massage I was literally ‘out of my head’ I felt so relaxed and free in my whole body.

Combined Ayurveda Foot Rejuvenation:   

Including Padabhyanga and Kansa Vatki foot and lower leg treatment  –  for men and women

Treatment time – approx 60 mins.   Investment = $85 

These two regenerative and relaxing types of foot and lower leg treatment often tend to be performed in the one treatment, but can be done as two seperate treatments, for example by combining one or other with the other types of treatments such as adding on to Abhyanga or on to Shiro Abhyanga.

Padabhyanga (Ayurvedic foot and lower leg massage) includes very importantly the soles of the feet where we have many pressure points (Marma Points) which can be utilized to give assistance to different parts of the body.  This treatment involves strokes of friction, knuckling, tapping, kneading, gentle pinching and conventional massage strokes which can stimulate energy channels in part so of the body.

Kansa Vatki – Traditionally the practitioner will use a special implement with the rounded application end being made predominantly of copper as well as smaller amounts of  zinc and tin.  This implement with its containment of metals and application of warmed herbalized oils helps to greatly enhance the movement of the Marma Points and is used additionally to the practitioners hands in this rejuvenating treatment.

Foot Rejuvenation is added to include the healing and clearing effects of certain herbs and nutrients applied to the soles of the feet.  These two treatments combined can give great comfort and care to the feet, improving circulation and warmth, skin tone and strength – which are often ignored in our health and well-being programs.  This treatment is so relaxing that you can feel like your whole body has received a treatment, which indeed at a deeper level owing to the Marma Points being stimulated, it has been.

Special packages:

* Feet and Head Package:   

– Shiro Abhyanga combined with Ayurveda Foot rejuvenation Package for Men and Women   – $120

Treatment time – approximately 90 minutes to combine the two treatments

* Women’s  Rejuvenation Package:

– Abhyanga PLUS Ayurveda Foot Rejuvenation Package for Women    –   $120 -(saving of $40 on the two seperately

Treatment time – approximately 90- 100 minutes to combine the two treatments.

* Women’s Body and Mind package

– Abhyanga PLUS Shiro Abnyanga (Indian Head Massage)  for Women – $120 (saving of $40)

Treatment time approximately 90 minutes to combine the two treatments.

* Women’s Inside Out package:  

Many women are interested to pay attention to their diet, lifestyle, herbal and other ‘inside’ treatments and like to attend an extended consultation which covers this as well as a restorative  Ayurveda body treatment.

This special package combines an natural therapy appointment (usually around 50 mins)  with a divinely restorative Shiro Abhyanga (Tradional Head, shoulders, neck and face marma point therapy and massage) usually around 60 minutes.

Treatment time approximately 90- 100 minutes. — Your investment would usually be $170.    Special price for the combined treatments $150 (saving $20).    

Please contact me at 0408 517796 or info@radiant-women.com  info(at)radiant-women.com for more detailed information regarding preparation for your Abhyanga experience and practicalities involved.

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