WD photo 2013“Their is no fine line between Mind, Body and Spirit.  True healing considers all levels of being”. 

Wendy Dumaresq provides timely and empowering information, products and services which assist you in living with Radiant health and well-being in ways which are woman and family friendly, non-toxic, easy on your finances and easy on the earth.

With many years of study and consulting in natural and complementary health and two books already published, ‘Radiant Women’ and ‘Enterprise with Soul’  Wendy continues with her consulting sessions, webinars, Women’s Retreats & workshops to produce valuable information and easy to implement strategies for individuals and groups to take charge of their own health future.

“…Not only does Wendy provide a beautiful embrace of the feminine she will also give you back a strong sense of empowerment that is every woman’s birthright…” Katherine Beaumont ND.

SPEAKER PROFILE:  Motivational Speakers of Australia 

CONTACT WENDY: E:  info@radiant-women.com  or by phoning +61 4 08 517 796.

Women’s  Healing Bizzo:

Knowledge is power.  Many women suffer due to lack of timely information regarding safe and effective strategies for natural healing of women’s health challenges.  Over many years of clinical practice Wendy has sought to provide simple and effective information and processes for you to implement in your daily life.   These strategies, born of many years of ‘what works’ can greatly assist you to build a level resilience in your health and well-being which you may not have experienced previously and helps you to navigate life’s ups and downs with greater ease and grace, vitality and enjoyment.


Strategy Sessions

  •   On-line assistance, Choose from on-line group Strategy Webinars
  •   One to One Strategey Sessions.  

Women’s Retreats for the specific Stages of Woman.  See Events Page

These events provide a group residential environment which are generally located in a location suitable to deeper healing practices.  The Retreat teachings focus on sharing ways of going deeper into your own healing journey, with topics and teachings covering different aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.  Participants can leave the Retreats with a deeper understanding of their capacity to tune in to what they body/mind is communicating to them and with lots of strategies to enhance physical health through to deeper spiritual understanding. 

Workshops, Seminars and speaking at events – These are arranged in various areas of Australia where there are groups of women gathering who wish to gain a greater understanding of specific topics or issues regarding natural health and well-being and how they can take and active role in their own health journey.   Please contact us if you are wishing to have an event in your region. 

Wise Women’s Well-being women’s health healing consultations :  Please see the details on this page for Wendy’s clinical practice:  http://www.radiant-women.com/wellness-centre/ 

Massage of shuolderAyurveda Massage:  Please see details at Ayurveda Massage .

See this FREE webinar Wendy was was asked to record  on General Health, Fertility and Toxins Free Webinar Link

BOOKS & INFORMATION PRODUCTS for natural women’s health and personal development available on the Products page at Radiant Women site

RW book revised cover low resThe authors books – Radiant Women – Natural Healing for the Three Stages of Woman and

  • Enterprise with Soul book. 

Other women’s health books:    Natural Fertility Management (Contraception/Conception) kits.

Walking with the Genie’  by Alexandra Pope and Wendy’s second book ‘Enterprise with Soul’ on this page

‘Under The Quandong Tree’, by Minmia, a wonderful book by a Wirradjuri Law/Lore Woman, Teacher, Healer. 

Obtain your gift ebook ‘Boss of Self’ – which has the introductory chapter to Radiant Women book, plus the contents page and a bonus chapter ‘Boss of Self’ which is a very important concept to embrace.  Please place your email address at the opt-in box on Home Page opt in

Certified Organic Austrlian Home and Body Care products.

MIESSENCE certified food grade organic home and body care. 

Why is ‘food grade’ organic so important?    Miessence, an Australian business has been operating successfully for over ten years and is now available globally.

You can access Miessence products for great  discounts for Lifestyle Customers or as a home based busineness.  Please email our office if you would like more information about these  high quality,  earth and body friendly products.   info@radiant-women.com or go directly to the website for delivery to your door of our products http://miessence.com/wendysorganics   phone 0408 517796.


W: www.radiantwomenbook.com      W:   Certified Organic products  E: info@radiant-women.com  P: 0408 517796

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