Judy’s FAST and Safe detox & weight loss

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Judy shares her great experience of 3 days and 3 kg weight loss & detox and feeling fab.  

Having been a health practitioner for so long, it’s not often I get excited about a product that claims it can help with a detox, weight loss and build energy and vitality as well. Seems too good to be true and it usually is!   

Usually if it’s a 3 kg in 3 days result, it would be loss of water and muscle and a total fast which is not good for a lot of people. But because this FAST product has good amounts of high quality vegan organic protein, it’s a much healthier and safer way to start your detox.

AMAZED is how I would describe my feeling when Jude told me of her results….see it here, the FAST  superfood info.

This time of year, my patients thoughts (and mine!) tend to go towards what their swimmers and summer cloths are going to look like on them.   Many of us feel the need for a bit of a detox about now – and want to feel more energised and vital.
So I get lots of people, mainly women wanting to know how to safely and effectively start a detox program which can also result in weight loss.  

***(Scroll down for some extra success tips from my clinical experience).

Judy Humphreys from NSW has just tried the FAST super foods and is keen to share her results with you and encourage you to try it yourself.  Thanks for sharing this Judy.judy-humphreys

Here’s some of what Judy had to say about her experience…. and here’s Judy in this photo.  
“...Day 1 was a challenge, but not overwhelming as I thought it may be.. I found the taste quite bitter to begin with, …. . As i progressed I found I adjusted to the taste. My thirst did increase and I found it quite easy to drink around 3 litres of water a day, firstly as a distraction but then I wanted and enjoyed it.

I became headachey on the first day but it only until early in the second day, and I slept a lot and took it easy, especially on the first day. However I still managed to work my 5 hours and was delighted at loosing almost one kilo by the following morning.

Day 2 and 3 was much easier, and fatigue lessened. The weight loss continued, and after completing 3 days, I had lost almost 3 kilos.  ….
– Less bloating, generally my digestive system is so much happier! Less brain fog, much more clarity!!
– I can’t deny it, I missed my sweets, carbohydrates and all my food! However  I was pleasantly surprised that I only experienced very low level of hunger.
– It was interesting to observe my previous eating habits and

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor. Freedom cI am now motivated to find ways to continue on using this product, incorporating it
into an ongoing plan to improve my health and well-being, and to reach my target weight!  Highly recommend it!   Cheers, Jude

CONTINUING YOUR DETOX AND WEIGHT LOSS: If you want to continue with the good effects of the detoxing and weight loss, I would recommend continuing your efforts after the initial 3 days as per example below. 
You can get the Complete Protein Powder and the superfoods mentioned below on my site – along with a very encouraging discount of 10 – 20%** .

There is no way I can promise you will have the same results as Jude –  there are too many variables involved with our health, however it’s a good place to start for many of us. 

Berry smoothie – including 4 tablespoons of Miessence protein powder – plus 2 teaspoon each Berry Radical, Alkaliser and InLiven.  Add 1.5 cups of berries is a good amount. Add enough water for the thickness you desire, I would put in about a litre.  Miessence berry radical imageWhiz it up in your blender and that gives you enough smoothie to have 2 – 4 glasses a day depends how big your glasses are.  And smoothies will be fine in the fridge for 24 hours so you can consume the next day without having to make more. 

Green Smoothie  –   make sure you add at a tablespoon of the protein powder to each serve of smoothie. See my article on the Radiant Women Blog  

Breakfast – 1 x berrie or green smoothie plus some almonds. 
Photo vegetablesLunch – a salad with lots of difference coloured raw vegies and leaves, some olive oil, avocado, olives, lemon juice, with a small amount of protein such as a palm sized serving of fish, or lean meat, some tofu, nuts and seed or 2 eggs are some ideas.
Dinner – Green smoothie.   
– Make sure plenty of water during the day.
This is a good way to have a modified detox for a longer term results.
** This is not medical advice, anyone who has medical concerns please see your doctor.  It is unwise to continue a modified detox for too long and the length of time can depend on your lifestyle, health concerns, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, and your particular wants and needs.  Please contact your health practitioner for their advice. 

Please contact me (below) at my clinic  if you would like a on-line or in person consultation about safe strategies for detoxing and weight loss. 

WD photo 2013Have a great time and please let me know how you fare or if you have any questions.   
Wendy.  Miessence certified organics. 
For more information on natural women’s health please see Radiant Women  Wendy Dumaresq.  info@radiant-women.com   Ph: 0408 517796

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