Are you a Bouncy Ball or a Flat Tyre?

RW radiant ritaAre you like ‘Radiant Rita’, jumping for joy?  Radiant Rita is one of the images in my book “Radiant Women ‘.

Do you feel you have lots of energy, no matter what stage of life you are inhabiting?  Feel that you are light on your feet (no matter what your body weight), have a spring in your step, feel optimistic most of the time and seem to cope reasonably well with life’s ‘curve balls’?

If so, fantastic, please share with us.

If not and you feel like you can do with some more bounce,  which is the majority if people I see in my clinic, then please be reassured, there are many simple and powerful actions you can take which can incrementally bring you to your most radiant, resilient health and well-being.

I will soon be commencing a series of webinars which you can be part of which will focus on the many and varied self-healing, natural healing strategies which can make a big difference to how you feel, how you cope and how you move, sleep and generally experience life. 

You can email me at if you would like to be on the list for when I get this started.  From the comfort of your own home or office you can join in and rocket your way to your best version of yourself.


For today, let’s start with something really simple yet potentially very powerful. 

Including more fresh, preferably organically grown foods, especially vegetables,  into your day –  whether this be with more raw salad foods in your meals or with green smoothies and vegetable juices.

Photo vegetablesFresh, preferably local grown foods are an important choice if you would like to start to reduce inflammation in your body.  Over many years of clinical practice, I find that reducing inflammation is one of the single most important healing tools that you can put in place to kick start your health and well-being.  

I have included a specifically designed dietary program in the Radiant Women book to assist you to reduce inflammation.

The best news is that this is so easily achievable via diet and lifestyle, and some natural therapies. So, rather than thinking ‘well I SHOULD eat more fresh foods because I sorta know I am meant to‘, you can be extra inspired in the knowledge that by doing so you can greatly reduce your risk of chronic and degenerative health conditions.  The power to do so is in your hands, your fridge, your garden.  How amazing is that? 

One thing I have done for years is to have either a fresh vegetable juice or a green smoothie most days as a snack or even at times a meal if I am in a hurry.   It makes such an incredible difference to how much ‘bounce there is in my ball’.  When I drink one of these (sometimes more than one) I can feel it going into my system, and it’s almost like my cells are jumping up and down singing ‘hooray, hooray’. 

Yes, I know that seems too simple, but what a great way to pump up your energy, inflate your ‘flat tyres’. 

Fresh vegetables and fruits are packed with vitamins, fatty acids, plant enzymes and fibre.  Here is my green smoothie recipe which I made up this morning (yes it has other colors to green in it as well).  I tend to use what I have growing in my garden or can obtain from local farmers/community garden.

– Large handful of kale, parsley, several nasturtium leaves and spearmint leaves – all from my little garden. (caution – if pregnant, do not consume much parsley).

– juice of one mandarin plus one apples cut into pieces.

– pulp of 3 very ripe persimmons – thanks to a local foodie friend Heather (you know who you are!) I am experiencing the amazing flavour of these fruits for the first time…. must be very ripe or taste really yuk!  

– water to degree of thickness you want the smoothie to be.

– this morning I also put some protein powder in it as I like to have some protein to start the day (I used the vegan protein powder on the Superfoods page at ) and I put in some Green Alkalising powder (same page as protein powder). 

That generally makes me enough for two large glasses, so I keep one in an airtight container in the fridge for tomorrow.

RW book revised cover low resYou can find out more about dietary, lifestyle and natural therapy strategies to boost your health and well-being in Radiant Women – Natural Healing for the Three Stages of Woman, 

May you have a very bouncy day!  Wendy Dumaresq.

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