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CONSULTING and EVENTS in natural health and personal development.

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

   WOMEN’S and GENERAL HEALTH – Natural and complementary medicine.


  INSPRIED SELF-HEALING (TM) consulting and events.

Wendy Dumaresq (Dip Med Herb, B.Bus, Ad C NFM, C Bowen) has consulted with women, men and families for many years within her modalities of medical herbalism, Natural Fertility Managment Counselling and Bowen treatment.  Wendy is known especially for her work in:

– women’s health from childhood to beyond menopause, and

–  women and men’s reproductive health

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As well as private individual Consulting Wendy runs events around  issues involving natural health and healing and personal development Inspired Self-Healing (TM).  See this page for details 

Wendy is a Teacher-Healer with a mission and passion to  provide skills, strategies, and support for individuals and groups to live their best life with their health, well-being and personal life journey.
This can be achieved more joyfully with a ‘team’ approach in our health and life and the understanding that by taking 100% responsibility for our health, well-being and personal future we can be more empowered and at peace in our lives.
Consultations  and contactWendy is currently consulting  at the  Eurobodalla region of south Coastal NSW.   Skype consultations are also available.   PHN: 0408 517796, Email: (info(at) 
Many  of the health concerns and conditions you may be experiencing  can be greatly relieved or rectified with natural healing methods.
Do you know women who experience any of the health concerns below?
  • Natural health consultations in the Tuross Head clinic for existing and new individuals.   In her clinical work Wendy assists with a wide variety of general  health conditions with men, women and children and also with particular interest in women’s and mens reproductive health, fertility concerns, natural contraception.  
  • General Women’s health concerns  from puberty to beyond menopause and the concerns of our Elder Wisdom Keepers.

Wendy is a very gifted and talented practitioner.  She is passionate about healing on all levels.    Many practitioners are skilled at addressing imbalances at a physical level.  Wendy has that ability.  What is different about a consultation with Wendy is the way she combines balancing the physical with her skill to facilitate change at a much deeper level.  This results is a powerful shift  in your whole being.  A consultation with Wendy is a life enhancing experience.  Try it.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”  Diane Reardon Naturopath (Batehaven & Goulburn)

  • Reproductive health concerns such as:

Endometriosis, menstrual related pain and discomfort.

– Menstrual  problems such as excessive or inadequate menstrual bleed, menstrual pain, irregular menstrual cycles or failure to menstruate.

– Pre-menstrual syndrome  such as anxiety, bloating, pain, mood swings, sleep problems, tension, headaches.
– Polycystic ovaries, irregular menstrual cycles,
– weight gain

I have the greatest respect for her (Wendy’s) knowledge, wisdom, integrity, intuition and energy.  Through Wendy’s help I have regained faith in my body, in my body’s ability to heal and restore and I have learned to trust my own intuition. “  (Fran, Geelong. 2011)

  •  Natural Fertility Managment Counselling –
Fertility problems, pre-conception health, pregnancy & post-natal.
– Contraception – exploring natural fertility management.
– Fatigue, low energy, memory and concentration problems
  •  Menopausal symptoms such:
–  as hot flushes, night and day sweats and debility ,
–  mood swings, feeling flat, depressed,  low tolerance, low motivation,
– anxiety,
–  fatigue, headaches,
– sleep problems  and
–  many signs and  symtoms of the pre to post menopause years.
  • WOMEN ELDERS – Post menopausal – achieving optimal health and well-being  for your valuable Elder Wisdom Keepers  years.

These are just some of the conditions which can often be assisted with natural therapies.

InspiredSelf-Healing (TM)- teaching and utilising the skills in intuitive and creative understanding of our life journey’s, Wendy enjoys assisting individuals and groups to combine ancient wisdom with internal guidance to move beyond barriers to development. 

  • Meditation and Mindfulness groups – Wendy leads groups in establishing regular meditation and mindfulness practice and has come to rest with the concept that  PEACE  is an ‘inside job’.
 – we don’t find it through others, in a bottle, in a ‘pill’, in material possessions, in external life. We tend to attain a deeper  experience of peace when we understand this,
– we are not ‘broken’  and we don’t need to be ‘fixed’, we just crave to come ‘home’ to ourselves at a deep level,
– a regular mindfulness practice can greatly assist our quest for peace and love and compassion for ourselves and others,
– we are all ‘perfectly imperfect’ human beings.  When we understand this we acknowledge that we stuff up sometimes and we can cut ourselves some slack, seek to right any wrongs  and move on with the potential for greater ease and grace in our lives.
CONTACT Wendy for enquiries and appointments at info(at) .
Or call 0408 517796. (+614 08 517796)
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Only herbal medicines and other natural therapies are utilized in the clinical setting –  this is not a conventional medical practice.

Wendy combines time honored healing methods, diet/lifestyle, body work (Bowen treatment), energy and intuitive methods, herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, hair tissue analysis and various other modalities.  The modalities utilized depend upon the individual indications which present with each person.
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Wendy hosts the popular blog  which contains articles designed to inspire and promote health, well-being and sustainable living.