Your Daily Bread – a high energy, delicious alternative.

October 13th, 2016
Window Display of Autumn Harvest Foods

Window Display of Autumn Harvest Foods.

WHOLEFOODS – Let food be your medicine.   Try the this  gluten free, diary and sugar free recipe for  a Nut and Seed bread alternative. 

Thank you to Paula M for sending this recipe, which I believe your sourced from the wonderful Paleogrubs website.  Thank you Paleogrubs for all your great recipes which I try out often.   Are you ready to make some more Marg and Richie? 

One or two slices a day is generally plenty for your needs.

Try toasting a slice of this delicious loaf and having some avocado, egg, salmon as well if you wish on it.  Great also for some tomato and cooked mushrooms with herbs on the side. 

Those of us wishing to avoid gluten, sugars and refined carbs can often find it difficult to locate a bread like product which actually helps improve our energy and satisfaction rather than drain us.   If we eat too much in the way of refined carbohydrates such as most cakes and breaks, pasta etc, it can be difficult for us to have our weight under control and to feel our best – and that can apply to us all, not just those on gluten free diets.  

If you are wanting to find out more about how to eat to experience abundant energy and renewed vitality, you will find energy promoting, dietary, lifestyle, herbal remedies, women’s stories  and heap more inspiring top tips in the Radiant Women book  –  website : Radiant women book .

Seed & Nut Bread

(no gluten, diary, sugar)

11/2 cups almond meal

6 tbsp sunflower seeds

4 tbsp chia seeds

3  tbsp pumpkin seeds

3 tbsp flax seed

1/3 cup almonds

2 tbsp coconut flour

1 tsp baking soda

3 eggs

3/4 cup almond milk

1/3 cup olive oil

1tbsp honey

1 tbsp cider vinegar

1/2 tsp salt

Preheat oven 180c   Line loaf tin with baking paper.   Mix pumpkin, sunflower, flax & chia seeds, set aside 3 tbsp.

Pulse almonds in food processor a few times, add rest of seeds pulse till roughly ground.

Add almond meal, coconut flour & baking soda, pulse till combined.   Add eggs, almond milk, olive oil, honey, vinegar & salt, process till well combined.

Rest batter 5 mins.    Pour mixture into pan & smooth the top, sprinkle with reserved seeds.   Bake 45-50 mins until golden brown.    Let cool in pan before turning out and slicing.

Happy munching!  and you can email me or post on the Radiant Women Community FB page with your feedback.

Wendy Dumaresq. 

Hot stuff can beat the Bugs

July 7th, 2016

We certainly know when winter has arrived when it’s been unusually cold even in parts of Queensland and northern NSW.  On a recent work trip to the more northern areas I was expecting to be toasty warm morning noon and night.  Not so, the days were often lovely warm 18-20 but the nights especially in one place I was staying at were in the low single digits.  The places I was staying definitely were not geared up for the cold and each night I employed all sorts of tactics to try and stay a bit warmer (not very successfully).

The result – I managed to take home my share of the nasty cold virus going around the retreat centre.  Normally I manage to say ‘pass’ but this time I was just so cold at night despite all my efforts that my immune system said, ‘naaaah, time for you to pay more respect …..”

Window Display of Autumn Harvest Foods

Winter Warmer Foods

So many people have asked me at my clinic over the years for a simple and easy recipe to help alleviate or even at times prevent the cold virus taking hold.  This is one of the ways of helping yourself.

If I had been home or somewhere where it was possible I would have made my  Bug Blaster decoction.  It’s a ripper for nipping those colds in the bud most of the time.  If you can get to it early and combine it with adequate rest, staying warm at all times, keeping especially warm in the feet, kidney’s area (lower back) and head, as well as having a 3 – 4 mg  (in divided doses throughout the day)  of vitamin C a day this can often help you to overcome something nasty before it takes hold.  It’s not going to work all the time, nothing does as far as I can tell over the decades of clinical practice, but it’s well worth a try.

It’s also very useful to keep your digestive powers at their maximum, sometimes a challenge when away from home.  Unfortunately I forgot to take my favourite probiotics (see : ) with me which didn’t help my case.

In addition, it is useful to have this even if the cold bug has bitten and settled in, as it warms your whole body and you can feel alot better.  The fresh or dried herbs you add to the decoction can vary according to your needs.  Here is my base recipe for your to try.

Wendy’s Winter Warmer Bug Blaster Herbal Drink

(….and if you are concerned or pain persists please see your health practitioner)

Ginger root

Base stock:

Fresh ginger root – approximately 8 cm piece sliced thinly or 2 x teaspoons powder (I find the fresh preparation more effective and tastier).  Ginger is a warming remedy as well as helpful for the digestion and also can help with the aches and pains from the cold virus.

Fresh Tumeric root thinly sliced (or 1 heaped teaspoons powder) Curcumin longa .  Tumeric root is reputedly anti-inflammatory and helps with liver function as well as being warming.

If you can cope with some fresh garlic (and you are not allergic to it!) then it’s good to add 2 – 3 crushed garlic cloves as well.

in 8 cups of water.

Simmer this with the pot lid partially off for 10 minutes.  It should have reduced by about 1/4 by that time.

Take off the stove.  Add which one or more of these herbal remedies in fresh or dried leaf form. *

Herbs to add if you can source them:

A few examples:   Catmint leaf (nepeta cataria) – 1 heaped tablespoon of fresh herb, or 2 teaspoons dried herb. Catmint is calming and also good for helping feel more comfortable with fevers.

Lemon Balm leaf (melissa officinale) –  dose as above. Lemon balm is calming and can also assist relax more so more sleep is to be had.

Thyme leaf (thymus valgaris) – dose as above.  Fantastic if you have a cough with the other symptoms.

There are many other herbs you can add, these are just a good start.

Allow the decoction which now has the herbal remedies in it to sit for 10 minutes.

Add:   1/2 to 2/3 teaspoon of honey and 1/2 a lemon juice to each cup.

Consume warm to hot in temperature sipping 1 cup every 3-4 hours.

It is really useful to put the whole lot in a large thermos, wrap the thermos in a woollen blanket or space blanket so that it is still warm later in the day.

NB:  If you don’t have the herbs just do the decoction without these, it will still be really useful. The honey and the lemon added is a real winner.

Happy sipping and keep warm!  Wendy Dumaresq. 


Are you a Bouncy Ball or a Flat Tyre?

May 10th, 2016

RW radiant ritaAre you like ‘Radiant Rita’, jumping for joy?  Radiant Rita is one of the images in my book “Radiant Women ‘.

Do you feel you have lots of energy, no matter what stage of life you are inhabiting?  Feel that you are light on your feet (no matter what your body weight), have a spring in your step, feel optimistic most of the time and seem to cope reasonably well with life’s ‘curve balls’?

If so, fantastic, please share with us.

If not and you feel like you can do with some more bounce,  which is the majority if people I see in my clinic, then please be reassured, there are many simple and powerful actions you can take which can incrementally bring you to your most radiant, resilient health and well-being.

I will soon be commencing a series of webinars which you can be part of which will focus on the many and varied self-healing, natural healing strategies which can make a big difference to how you feel, how you cope and how you move, sleep and generally experience life. 

You can email me at if you would like to be on the list for when I get this started.  From the comfort of your own home or office you can join in and rocket your way to your best version of yourself.


For today, let’s start with something really simple yet potentially very powerful. 

Including more fresh, preferably organically grown foods, especially vegetables,  into your day –  whether this be with more raw salad foods in your meals or with green smoothies and vegetable juices.

Photo vegetablesFresh, preferably local grown foods are an important choice if you would like to start to reduce inflammation in your body.  Over many years of clinical practice, I find that reducing inflammation is one of the single most important healing tools that you can put in place to kick start your health and well-being.  

I have included a specifically designed dietary program in the Radiant Women book to assist you to reduce inflammation.

The best news is that this is so easily achievable via diet and lifestyle, and some natural therapies. So, rather than thinking ‘well I SHOULD eat more fresh foods because I sorta know I am meant to‘, you can be extra inspired in the knowledge that by doing so you can greatly reduce your risk of chronic and degenerative health conditions.  The power to do so is in your hands, your fridge, your garden.  How amazing is that? 

One thing I have done for years is to have either a fresh vegetable juice or a green smoothie most days as a snack or even at times a meal if I am in a hurry.   It makes such an incredible difference to how much ‘bounce there is in my ball’.  When I drink one of these (sometimes more than one) I can feel it going into my system, and it’s almost like my cells are jumping up and down singing ‘hooray, hooray’. 

Yes, I know that seems too simple, but what a great way to pump up your energy, inflate your ‘flat tyres’. 

Fresh vegetables and fruits are packed with vitamins, fatty acids, plant enzymes and fibre.  Here is my green smoothie recipe which I made up this morning (yes it has other colors to green in it as well).  I tend to use what I have growing in my garden or can obtain from local farmers/community garden.

– Large handful of kale, parsley, several nasturtium leaves and spearmint leaves – all from my little garden. (caution – if pregnant, do not consume much parsley).

– juice of one mandarin plus one apples cut into pieces.

– pulp of 3 very ripe persimmons – thanks to a local foodie friend Heather (you know who you are!) I am experiencing the amazing flavour of these fruits for the first time…. must be very ripe or taste really yuk!  

– water to degree of thickness you want the smoothie to be.

– this morning I also put some protein powder in it as I like to have some protein to start the day (I used the vegan protein powder on the Superfoods page at ) and I put in some Green Alkalising powder (same page as protein powder). 

That generally makes me enough for two large glasses, so I keep one in an airtight container in the fridge for tomorrow.

RW book revised cover low resYou can find out more about dietary, lifestyle and natural therapy strategies to boost your health and well-being in Radiant Women – Natural Healing for the Three Stages of Woman, 

May you have a very bouncy day!  Wendy Dumaresq.

(Clinic details: ) .  E:    PH: 0408 517796




Are Natural Therapies Safe AND effective?

April 18th, 2016

RW book revised cover low resBOOK LAUNCH: please see below.

500,000 Australian women use alternative menopause therapy – study (The Guardian, August 2015)

why did this study report that natural therapies were not effective?

The information provided in this article in ‘The Guardian’ and the study referred to about menopausal women is revealing for many reasons, some of these being:

– Yes, it seems many women are seeking natural and alternative solutions to their health concerns, in this case with menopause.  Indeed numbers of individuals using alternative therapies is increasing(, and

– Yes, these therapies are often NOT prescribed by a qualified therapist, so

– No, they may not be effective for many women as non prescribed natural therapies do not take into account each individuals health profile, quality of the retail products can vary, compliance is unclear and effective dosage for each person can be quite different.

The Victorian Government BetterHealth website advises: There is a lot of information available about complementary or alternative menopause treatments. Some of this information comes from unreliable sources … The best way to use herbal medicines is for them to be prescribed by a trained natural therapist ” (

Author of Radiant Women Book (see, Wendy Dumaresq understands that timely and effective information is crucial for our safe and effective healing journeys.

Dumaresq is a qualified and experienced Western Herbal Medicine and Natural Fertility Management Counsellor with many years experience.

“My aim with is to provide safe and effective strategies and information to assist women to live with optimum well-being. We are so fortunate in Australia to have excellent medical services AND qualified and recognised natural therapy practitioners. Let’s make the most of both”

BOOK LAUNCH: Radiant Women – Natural Healing for the Three Stages of Woman.  April 27, 2016, 2-3 pm. Narooma Library.  Library phone number: 4476 1164.

Contact: Wendy Dumaresq  W:

Phn: 0408 517796.  E:


Wisdom Keepers Retreat

February 8th, 2016

Women Wisdom Keepers Retreat  

Self Healing strategies for FEELING FANTASTIC Mid Life and Beyond

MP book book cover green


WHEN:  2pm Friday 22nd April, 2016   –  2 pm Sunday 24th April, 2016  


WHERE: Kamalashla Tiebetan Buddhist Centre near TIlba Tilba, Far South Coast, NSW. 




ArtWork:  Thank you Vikki Nash, for the beautiful artwork which reflects Women’s growth through the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. 

WHAT: Women mid-life and beyond are invited to be part of this event, held in a beautiful natural setting in which nestles the Kamalashla Tiebetan Buddhist Centre.

The focus of this special Retreat weekend is to share with you some very important tools for optimal living which can:

 boost your well-being, vitality, confidence and resilience. Photo healing self & others


These two days of learning and co-creation, sharing and reflection involve strategies which cover topics as diverse as:

  • Your physical health – the foundation of your resilient state (dietary, lifestyle and simple natural remedies),
  • Introduction to meditation, mindfulness and reflective processes,
  • Introduction to witnessing more with deep listening and utilizing all your senses which helps build confidence and awareness,
  • The value and experience of silence and ‘non-doing’
  • Simple physical body strengthening and grounding practices
  • Introduction to learning to use ‘Body as Barometer ’ (TM)
  • An important and life changing closing ceremony.

WHY: The Third Stage of Woman, the ‘Matriach’ Stage is such an important time in a woman’s life journey.  As a  woman in the Third Stage of your journey you are fertile  with wisdom and opportunity born of many years experiencing ‘many challenges, many gifts’.   When you know how to maintain your vitality, well-being and stand strong in your space of personal integrity, you can more than survive,  you can THRIVE. 

WHO: Your Retreat facilitators & Teacher/Healers are:

WD photo 2013Wendy Dumaresq,  more about Wendy’s work here

Teacher/Healer, Herbalist and other healing modalities focusing on women’s health, Author, Coach, Shamanic & Nature Healer Practitioner – bringing decades of experience in clinical practice and her own strategies of Deep Personal Ecology(TM)                               


JoaniJoani Reid 

A Wisdom Keeper with a valuable background in Psychology (Hon) , Martial Arts, Teacher/Trainer, Nature Immersion Facilitator.

On SITE ACCOMMODATION: The Venue has shared budget accommodation on site in small (6-7 beds) dorms and some shared small caravans.  Basic level toilets and showers are a short stroll in a the bush setting.  There is a new commercial kitchen with plenty of refrigeration, attached to a living and dining space, the meditation hall, library. 

Fee for on site Accommodation: is separate to that of the Retreat price.  $25/person per night ($50 for the weekend).  We will contact you after you have booked and paid  your Retreat investment to arrange a separate payment for the accommodation. 

Accommodation external to the venue is available in the area if you wish to have something more upmarket or some bush camping, for example Narooma, Tilba Tilba and a lovely bush camping area at Mystery Bay (no facilities apart from long drop dunny).  So please phone the visitor information centre in the area at:

1800 240 003 (between 9 -5) .  Lots of info on the web at: 

RETREAT INVESTMENT: $290 for the weekend. 

Early Bird price – pay by Monday 3rd April, 2016.  – $265 **  .   The payment gateway will have $265 until the 3rd April, 2016,  after which it will go to the full price.  If you wish to you can pay directly by eftpos, phone Wendy 0408 517796. 

**An on-line payment gateway is in the process of being set up which will be payment through Paypal.  The link will be posted here soon.   If you wish to you can call us to pay direct via eftpos, cash or bank deposit.  

PRICES include:

  • Retreat program activities.
  • Optional extra early morning meditation.
  • Amenities to include your sleeping accommodation (f you are sleeping on site), kitchen and dining/living area, meditation hall when appropriate, Centre library for browsing (no borrowing unless arranged with Centre management), toilets, showers.  
  • A cuppa and some light refreshment on arrival at 2 pm Friday 22nd, morning and afternoon tea with light and healthy refreshments on Saturday, morning tea with light refreshments on Sunday.   Black tea, some  herbal teas, coffee, cows milk and soy milk, sugar will be provided by us.  

Centre management request that foods consumed be vegetarian to respect the ‘no meat’ policy of the Centre.

No alcohol or drugs to be brought or consumed on the property. 

You will receive emails from us about the event as time goes on, including what we recommend you bring to the event regarding clothing and comfort items. 

CONTACT US:  for more information – 

 Wendy   Phn: 0408 517796   OR  Joanie   E:   Phn: 0408 696 945